Direct Homing Noticeboard

We deal with an enormous volume of requests to help with rehoming cats, and we can only help a limited number by bringing them into our own care. If we are unable to help ourselves, owners are welcome to advertise their cats for rehoming on this page and potential new owners can contact them directly. The cats shown here are not in branch care and the only information we know about them is shown here. Cats Protection have not seen these cats and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, especially regarding health or behaviour. Arrangements to adopt a Direct Homing cat will be made directly with the owners.

If you live in the Bournemouth area and would like to use our direct homing noticeboard, please email a photograph and short description of the cat to us, together with the contact numbers you would like us to publish for you.

 Joey Joey is a very cute, active, playful and a bit mischievous 4 month old. Small children adore him and he loves playing with them. He is currently the only pet in the household, but has interacted with other cats visiting his garden. Joey loves to curl up on a lap when he's tired himself out. He's looking for a new home as he has more energy than his current senior human companion!

If you have just the place for Joey, please contact Jackie on 07779 139926

Date posted: 19/09/17